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Best inkjet paper with low price

Paper specifications can only take you so far. In fact, the wide range of cheap inkjet paper¬†available now exceeds anyone’s thorough testing ability. With that in mind, photo technology asks some of our common contributors what their favorite inkjet paper is. The answer, not surprisingly, depends largely on their needs and tastes.

Art articles are divided into two categories: cold press and hot press. Cold pressed paper usually has more texture and usually has a softer feel to them. Hot pressed paper, which produces more (and hotter) pressure during manufacturing, tends to be smoother and harder than cold pressed paper. Unlike commercial paper, art inkjet photo paper has the tactile quality that adds its aesthetic value.

Harman’s glossy wikis and wikis are not expensive paper. Is this the best inkjet paper I’ve ever seen? This is the best Ilford paper technology. It looks and feels like air dried F based on the surface fiber of the dark room paper. Epson pigment ink is exquisite, sweet and sharp, with excellent Dmax and a good shadow tone, as I see on any paper. It also shows a little “hot”, and you can expect to get it today (I have to be careful, not not). It looks like art, not business. The best price I can see is a unit price of 8.5 x 11 inches for $1 (if you buy the product from Adorama’s 5-page sample package, the cheapest). It costs an arm and a leg, but it deserves a helping hand.

So here is our most important suggestion: you will get the best picture quality by sticking to the ink and paper recommended by the printer manufacturer. After all, getting quality photos from an inkjet printer paper is a high order, and it requires ink, paper and printers, like a good orchestra.

Another thing to remember: when you match the paper with the type of ink you use, you get the best results. Epson’s high level Inkjet Photo Paper is the right choice for most epson inkjet or Photo printers, but if your printer USES DuraBrite Ink, use DuraBrite Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper.

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