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Best inkjet photo paper from China manufacturers

Silk paper is a heavy 300 GSM medium that can be easily handled without leaving fingerprints or residues. Best inkjet photo paper is suitable for pigments and dye based inks and has a uniform gloss surface in printed areas of the page and in areas not printed.

  • High saturation of dyes and colouring inks
  • The printing and printing areas are uniformly glossy
  • Excellent color rendition and great tonal range
  • True color fidelity, especially color
  • Outstanding black-and-white reproduction
  • High D Max and perfect gray balance
  • High contrast due to bright base and dense black
  • Perfect shadows and fine lines

200 American inkjet photo paper is a 100% cotton, acid free, double-sided file media for digital photography in the field of fine arts photography. The art printer paper is especially bright white with a white coating to provide excellent color and black and white reproductions. In addition, this unique formula is that it has a special coating waterproof and waterproof properties, helps to ensure the quality of archives, which can enhance, positioning, polishing or spraying your work.

Best inkjet photo paper is a waterproof, opaque, light and soft material with banners, the surface is very fine, with good color brightness by color ink, resolution and edge sharpness, and dye ink together maintain excellent printing. It consists of anti tear and flame retardant polyester fabric, embedded between two layers of white vinyl base, making it a free hanging indoor and outdoor banner of excellent products.All sizes of paper and rolls are selected from our complete ink jet heavy duty vinyl printer paper to provide photographic quality prints for generations to come.

Inkjet photo paper is an economical, universal and permanent self-adhesive material. It has a highly bleached and waterproof ink jet coating and works well in a wide range of applications. The vinyl reel, which supports inkjet adhesives, is designed for indoor / outdoor applications and is suitable for all dye and pigment ink printers. From the paper roll and self adhesive vinyl adhesive film inkjet printer paper we select all sizes, providing photographic quality printing, can last for several generations.


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