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Canon inkjet photo paper with high quality

Canon inkjet photo paper aims to produce high quality photos for various activities from holiday photos to art prints, using its art paper range. Using this article with jet ink Canon can easily achieve clear, realistic and lasting effects. The different surface treatments and sizes of Canon photo paper make it an ideal choice for professional and amateur users. More options, including PPD paper (all applicable to Canon inkjet printers) in our photo paper category.

Just select the correct size from 10x 15cm to A4 and A3, from glossy to semi-gloss to unpolished, to the required GSM weight. Photo paper is directly authorized inkjet photo paper seller, your purchase is fully covered, with extra heart. Its range includes popular Canon SG 201 photo paper series and SG 108 photo paper series and its Pro series. The best of its wide range is found here!

Gloss inkjet paper is the best choice for paper, if you want a picture rich color, bright and clear. The glossy paper is made of several layers; The top layer helps ink to absorb, while other layers prevent the ink from seeping into the other side and storing the inkjet. The problem with this paper is that its price, especially brand glossy paper, is quiet and expensive. However, if high-quality images are needed, more cash is needed.

Glossy inkjet photo paper  is only one letter short though, but the composition is different, its surface is resin layer, so that the ink attachment ability, still can be isolated and up down almost on a par with glossy photo paper on colour, durability is also ok, just the luminosity and photos are weaker than gloss, mostly used to print postcards, greeting CARDS.

High resolution double-sided inkjet printing paper is processed on different surfaces, allowing the image to be printed on both sides. Ideal books, brochures, advertising brochures, and binding albums. The surface deals with gloss/gloss, gloss/sublight and sublight. The special coating ensures that the image does not penetrate to the other side and maintains the high quality appearance of the image.


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