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Cheap high quality 32lb inkjet photo paper

Our top 11 x 17 inch glossy inkjet photo paper 100 sheets bags are ideal for printing pictures from your digital camera. This high – grade glossy inkjet paper is specially coated with resin coating and waterproof function. It can protect your photos and prolong service life. Most other paper weights are only 200 to 240 grams, and our advanced glossy paper weight is 260 grams (or 69 lb). In addition, this glossy inkjet photo paper is widely used in the market for most inkjet printers.

Generally speaking, inkjet printer is cheaper than laser printer, more reliable than thermal sublimation printer. Although inkjet printers use ink cartridges to print photos (which means they need a little time to dry), they tend to use less ink than the total thermal sublimation printer. Because inkjet printers do not heat the ink when they are printed like a laser printer or a dye printer, the ink naturally deteriorates over time. For this reason, many cheap inkjet photo paper is optimized to fade/ozone gas resistance, and it is estimated that it will take decades of photos. Before you start shopping, it is important to know the type of printer and paper that is most suitable for your project, because the printer and the paper do go hand in hand when the photo is printed.

However, sending professionally produced holiday photo CARDS can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, using inkjet photo paper and Christmas CARDS and paper, you can achieve the same quality effect while keeping your holiday money. Save extra money for more important things, like throwing out the best holiday parties, or buying more gifts for your loved ones.

Wholesale inkjet photo paper to print pictures is a great way to keep your holiday memories alive. Want to leave some nice pictures in your family album for later sharing, or use a photo frame at home? No money can be printed out in the store? Check out all the good options for 32lb inkjet paper to create high-quality photos while saving costs.

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