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Cheap matte and gloss inkjet photo paper

Paper is only a category that is added according to the different qualities of cheap inkjet photo paper. Paper ratings are usually associated with the use of relevant professional or photographic paper.

Epson the 25 x 8.5 x 11 “metal printing paper, glossy inkjet photo paper, metal and resin coating of paper base material is adopted, and has a bright luster, can produce high resolution, wide dynamic range, wide color gamut of the image. Its weight is 257gsm, its thickness is 10.5mm, the brightness is 81% and the whiteness is 95%.

When printing digital photos, you can choose to print without gloss and glossy prints. Glossy photos print glossy surfaces, while sublight prints are more subtle and neutral. Which one should you choose? There is no right answer, both have advantages and disadvantages.The difference between a light or a photo.Matte and gloss are two different types of inkjet photo paper digital photo printing. Use different chemicals and process inkjet photo paper to have a gloss or matt finish.The shiny surface looks shiny, the reflected light is good, and it looks vibrant and colorful.On the other hand, the matte effect doesn’t reflect too much light, it looks darker and more dull.

One thing that separates inkjet paper from regular inkjet paper is the weight of the paper. You’ll notice that inkjet paper is almost always heavier than normal paper. There’s a reason for that.When you put a lot of ink on any piece of paper, it will absorb it. Absorbing large amounts of ink can cause a thin, light paper to be rolled up on the edge. The simple way to test this is to use a regular inkjet printer and print a photo in it. Choose a high saturation photo and you’ll see the edges curl up for a while.The heavier your inkjet photo paper, the stronger it is, the more you can survive the time. More importantly, the greater the weight of the inkjet printer, the better the print quality.


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