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China high quality Inkjet Photo Paper


Recommended the “Printer Media Type Setting” as “Photo Quality inkjet Paper” mode to conduct the optimum photo quality printing result.Selecting the “Mirror Image” option and using best print quality is requested.Use the single-sheet feed only.Print the desired motif first onto regular photo copy paper to check that the color and size of motif are correct. Motif has to be mirror-operated !Print your motif onto transfer paper and leave it to dry for approx.1 minute before transferring.Cut out the image,leaving a narrow margin of 5mm around the motif edges.

 Environmental protection,  does not produce toxic or harmful gases , can be 100% recycled after use.Comprehensive performance is good,  high strength,good stability , corrosion resistant , waterproof and good toughness.Good printing performance ,durable, tearing resistance, wear resistant, folding resistance,long shelf life.Lightproof and anti-uv.Smooth surface,stable size,suitable for inkjet photo paper printing,silk screen printing etc.Application:High quality printing: used for poster, pictorial,picture,map, calendar and books etc.Packing usage: hand bag,packing box etc.Special usage: label, drawing paper, recording paper, tourism promotional item etc.

We are offering high quality,competitive price sublimation paper.Please contact us for more details.We can supply free samples for your quality checking.Our both sides are flat,No curling two sides.Our inkjet photo paper produced by advanced machines.Our sublimation inkjet photo paper can be used in many kinds of polyester fabric,Mark cups…Such as sports wear,bicycle wear,rowing suit,raincoat,sun protective clothing,swimming wear,lace dress,fashion wears,shoes,t-shirt,caramic cups and so on.We can produce many kinds of high quality sublimation inkjet photo paper.

Rifo PP synthetic inkjet photo paper for label use is different of popular natural inkjet photo paper,it has the advantage of warterproof,dustproof,tearproof,wear well,and fast drying.While it has advantage good Performance of printing,which can be printed by Ordinary ink.It could be widely used on relief printing, offset printing,and while gold stamping,die cutting,drilling and folding etc.

Calling card, self-adhesive tape,poster,photographic paper,forlamphouse, eaching wall chart,product catalogue, book cover,map,self-adhesive label,can label,In-modle label,banner ad.,ziplock bag,inner film of hanging bag,airline baggage label,clothing label, logo bag,joint surface material,release base paper,inkjet coating base paper, gift paper, flower packing paper, electronic material isolation paper, container sealing gasket.

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