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China manufacture offers cheap inkjet paper

260gsm microporous resin coated glossy inkjet photo paper can be used with 24, 36, 42, 44, 50, 60, etc. paper widths. It’s on a heavy 260gsm base or a lighter 190gsm and 240gsm. It is mainly used in wide format printers, suitable for high-density images, with excellent color space.

(1) a kind of filiform resin coated with digital paper with different sizes of inkjet paper
(2) good ink absorption and short drying time
(3) special resin coating processing
(4) bright white surface
(5) unique fast drying ink technology instantly absorbs ink
(6) our paper is 30 meters per roll. It can be suitable for all Canon, EPSON, HP wide printer
(7) create professional photo print quality results
(8) RC paper based resin coating, waterproof performance is good
(9) the printed image with the highest resolution is clearly displayed, which is equivalent to the printed paper

Glossy resin coated inkjet photo paper, especially waterproof, shiny and smooth, suitable for water-based paints and dye inks, inkjet printers paper. This glossy inkjet photo paper is a quick drying, antifouling, anti fading, bright color expression after inkjet printing paper.

This supplemental ink is not cheap inkjet paper; it will offer precise compatibility over and over again. Our high standards of quality control will ensure consistency and uniformity of all inks. These inks remain one of the most advanced equipment in the industry. The result is mixed ink formula unique, unique design and precise your needs – the perfect ink solutions, to ensure your products to provide clear and consistent from beginning to end a vibrant impression, to meet your market.

1.10 years’ manufacturing experience in inkjet photo paper and casting technology
2. ISO9001, ISO14001, TUV certification
3. Asia and Europe large importers and buyers dealers long-term partners.
4.In Japan, Germany, Britain, France and other places selling well
5.The factory covers an area of 15 thousand square meters, including 12 production lines, 6 cutting machines and more than 150 employees.
6.Specializing in the manufacture of a full range of inkjet paper: glossy, satin and matte inkjet photographic paper, inkjet self-adhesive, gloss,       magnetic, resin coating (microporous), inkjet stickers (inkjet labels), sublimation transfer paper
7. provide a variety of specifications, including 120GSM, 150GSM, 180GSM, 230GSM and 260GSM, specifications for A5, A6, A4. A3, A2, Letter, size (10 * 15cm), 4R, 5R and 0.61M (24) x30M, 0.91M (36) X30M rolls

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