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Color inkjet printing paper

Color inkjet printing paper is an inkjet printer that receives ink from the nozzle and records images or text thereon. Its basic characteristic is the ink absorption speed is fast, the ink droplet does not diffuse. Specific requirements: 1. Good record, strong ink absorption, ink absorption speed, the droplet diameter is small, nearly round shape; the recording speed, namely high density, continuous tone, clear picture; the preservation is good, the picture has certain water resistance, light resistance, preservation of certain and fastness in indoor or outdoor; the coating has a certain strength and fastness, coating is not easy to scratch, no static, have certain smoothness, bending resistance, folding stretch.

Color inkjet printing paper is a new type of recording paper. Because of its rapid development, there is no uniform quality standard. From the technical specification of the domestic, the corresponding quality detection range and detection standard, according to the color inkjet printing paper quality will not produce this standard is lower than that of similar foreign products, but the market price will be lower than 20% ~ 50% of the imports of similar products. Therefore, domestic color inkjet printing paper has a strong market competitiveness.

Color inkjet printing paper is very different from ordinary paper, this is because the color inkjet printing paper usually use water-based ink, rapid absorption and diffusion and general paper received water-based ink, results from both color or from the definition are not up to the requirements of printing (using water absorbing materials can not absorb ink difference);

Color inkjet printing paper is paper products deep processing, it is the ordinary printing paper surface through special coating, which can absorb water ink and make the ink droplets spread to the surrounding, so as to maintain the original color and clarity. 60~180 grams of printing paper can meet the requirements, and less than 60 grams of ultra-thin printing paper, it is easy to appear simultaneous multi feed phenomenon.

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