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Find the cheap inkjet paper from China manufacturers

High gloss cheap inkjet paper is used for high resolution photographic print poster, home and office photo image printing, graphic printing, advertising output, business presentations, reports, leaflets, design, greeting cards and other photo paper coating. It has good compatibility with pigment ink, and the image on this paper will be fast drying. With high brightness, high gloss inkjet paper can provide you with the highest color gamut.

Printers such as Canon, EPSON and HP offer a full set of wholesale inkjet photo paper, which is not a secret. Each company claims that when you use your printer to use the product, you will get the best results, and will warn you to avoid the paper sold by other companies.

Generally speaking, they are right. Using inkjet printers, especially the company designed printers,cheap inkjet paper to work together to achieve the best results. If you use Office Depot for large manufacturers – ordinary white paper or even the British company Tetenal professional photo paper inkjet printer will use third party paper, ink may spread to the paper too far before drying, will lead to inaccurate color printing, low resolution and matte surface. In addition, the print may disappear more quickly.

Canon makes their paper products easier to figure out. Just look for the colored stripes along all the center of the paper packing; wholesale inkjet photo paper with golden stripes is a good mixture for the highest quality printing, and the bronze identifies the paper as a daily variety.

Of course, Kodak – a company almost synonymous with photography, is also photo paper. If you can’t find the cheap inkjet paper from the printer manufacturer, or your printer manufacturer does not provide its own paper, Kodak paper is a good choice. Kodak offers four kinds of paper, including Kodak Ultima (the most suitable for high quality, displaying photos), Kodak quality drawings (cheap price, share with friends), and Kodak (daily paper any time best paper paper print text and pictures).

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