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Inkjet paper – why ink jet printer paper is important?

Inkjet printers are today’s most versatile printers. They can print black and white documents quickly and perfectly, and can be used in a variety of color printing requirements, including photos, signs, invitations, labels, cards and presentation materials. When you select the correct printer paper, you will be surprised at the professional quality of inkjet printing.Successful printing requires inkjet paper to receive ink with proper absorbance, but prevents lateral diffusion. And for which type of printer printer you choose, you must adjust the settings in the printer driver to fit the paper so that you can transfer the right amount of ink.

he weight of a printer’s paper refers to the weight of the 500 page paper of 17 * 22 pages of paper. Each of these tables is equivalent to four letter sizes of inkjet paper. Therefore, the 500 standard 20 paper weighs 5 pounds. The higher the weight of the paper, the thicker the paper. Higher weight paper is more durable and has a greater feel. It also allows less light to pass through. Standard 20 paper is used for daily printing and copying as well as large quantity of demand.

Weight refers to the thickness of the inkjet paper. The weight of the paper can be expressed as pound (pound) or gram / square meter (g / m2). Different types of paper have their own weight. Binding paper containing most inkjet photographic papers ranges from 24 to 71 pounds (90 to 270 grams / square meter). Heavyweight terms, for example, are not necessarily more important than other similar papers. Paper used to print photographs is usually thicker, averaging about 62 pounds.

Thicker, thicker inkjet paper feels more practical and can bring visual weight to the project. Heavy paper can provide the importance of not found and the severity of the thin products, and give you a clear text and less ink penetration, but if you buy heavier paper, please remember, each has a maximum thickness of inkjet printer paper can handle. Before you send a very heavy piece of paper through the paper, be sure to consult the printer document, otherwise it will seriously damage the printer.



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