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Inkjet photo paper PP paper (waterproof)

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Product Name: self-adhesive PP paper (waterproof)
Product Code: WP-120MNL
Weight: 140gsm
Inks: dyes and pigments
Width: 36 “,” 42 “,” 50 “,” 60 “, x30m
Description: Matt coated synthetic paper (120-125um) paper coated with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on an inkjet printer paper.
Universal compatible. Lining: PET film.
Product Name: PP inkjet paper Matt (waterproof)
Product Code: WP-150MN
Weight: 115gsm
Inks: dyes and pigments
Width: 36 “,” 42 “,” 50 “,” 60 “, x30m
Description: Matt coating synthesis (140-150um) PP inkjet paper for inkjet printers paper.

RC microporous inkjet photo paper: our company has a first-class quality control system. Leading technology and excellent quality are our advantages. All our products have been tested for a long time before entering the market.Our products use RC paper as base paper, with high brightness and smoothness;Special nano microporous casting layer as ink receiving layer, instant absorption ink quick drying.Advanced ink forming and fixing technology enables long life of images.High density, wide color range, high clarity and high accuracy.100% waterproof, without shrinkage and packing.Support high DPI printer, 480 / 2760dpi.Compatible with inkjet printers paper.

1) bright white, glossy inkjet paper, suitable for photo reprints, photo proofs and contact lists.
2) vivid image quality, color saturation highest
3) produce bright colors and razor sharp text
4) immediately dry, excellent quality output of photographic images
5) widely used in various brands of color inkjet printers paper
1) photo quality, waterproof, apply to 4800 DPI
2) bright white inkjet paper on a brilliant color image
3) thicker than ordinary paper, so the color will not pass through
4) suitable for communications, holiday letters and other photos and text print
5) suitable for family or office use

Used for family character painting, poster, commercial blueprint, bidding book, office manuscript print.
The characteristic material is pure pulp, and the base inkjet paper has high whiteness.
Nano coating with special structure and advanced ink curing technology.
Immediately absorb ink, the output effect is vivid, impermeable.
Support high precision printers, small characters can be identified, to create the best print quality.
Strong water absorption, instant drying, letters and images, waterproof inkjet paper backs.

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