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Learn more about inkjet photo paper

Matte coated inkjet photo paper
Misiland matte inkjet photo paper coating is a photographic quality photographic paper,
Suitable for all types of inkjet printers, compatible with dyes and pigment based inks.
Very suitable for easy creation of photo quality homebrew or office photos and prints
Matte coated paper is ideal for daily print from a simple monochrome document
To bright photographic output.
Instant drying, waterproof, 2880 dpi.
100% compatible dyes and pigment inks (EPSON, UC, UC, K3, Canon and HP pigment inks).
Suitable for hot pressing and piezoelectric technology
Compatible with most inkjet printers


Glossy cast inkjet photo paper
Misiland glossy cast inkjet photo paper is a photographic quality
Inkjet inkjet photographic paper, mainly used in various types of inkjet printers
Compatible with dye based inks.
Ideal for easy creation of quality home or office photos
Cast coating, bright white and glossy finish, perfect everyday photos
Real photographic images have vivid, high quality colors
Waterproof, instant drying
Supports up to 5760dpi high resolution
Universal paper for all inkjet printers


Premium Resin Coated Inkjet Photo Paper
Misiland advanced inkjet photo paper (RC base) is a photographic quality microporous
RC photo paper, compatible with thermal and piezoelectric inkjet printers
Dye and pigment based inks.
Ideal for easy creation of quality home or office photos
Resin coated base material
Ultra smooth, bright, white surface
High ink reception achieves excellent color density and stability
Excellent imaging quality with excellent point control, wide color gamut, and
Excellent image clarity
Most inkjet inks instantly dry
Daub and waterproof

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