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Quick way to distinguish a good or bad of inkjet photo paper

A simple and quick way to distinguish a good or bad A4 piece of inkjet photo paper:

  • Look at the smoothness of the paper. Medium – high paper, smooth finish is good. This method can only tell if it is a low-end piece of paper.
  • The stiffness of the paper. Shake the paper. The better the paper is, the harder it is to jam. The soft and soft will often appear in the paper. Use is not recommended.
  • Look at the uniformity of the paper. Invert the paper and see the uniformity of the pulp. The better the paper is, the better the quality.
  • Look at the thickness of the paper and cut the specifications.

At present, office paper can be divided into three levels. The first grade paper is applied to the external documents of the enterprise; The second grade paper is used in large quantities of photocopying documents; Grade iii paper is used for internal use of enterprises and requires no high text. General paper: with AKD neutral sizing and non-corrosive, the raw materials of the first grade paper are 100% pure wood OARS.Do not produce paper powder, feel soft, no matter how to use will not wear copy machine parts and print ink head. In static electricity, the first grade paper also made electrostatic treatment, there will not be many pieces of cheap inkjet paper.

The standard of the first grade paper is 100% pure wood, no paper powder, and the water content is 4.5% ~ 5.5%.Secondary paper performance: has the AKD neutral sizing, no corrosive, packing is relatively soft, do not produce paper powder, electrostatic treatment, produce paper jam phenomenon by accident, do not show up in the normal use of the copy is not clear, the phenomenon such as wrinkling, cock. The cheap inkjet paper is lower than the white degree of the paper, the hand feeling is slightly thin, the second grade paper is economical.The performance of grade 3 paper: it is suitable for printer printing, it will appear wholesale inkjet photo paper when copying, it is easy to print the Yin phenomenon, not easy to stand for long time, easy to walk type. It is commonly used in daily work for printing drafts.

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