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The difference between inkjet photo paper and printer paper

Inkjet printing paper is more tightly woven to prevent the color of the ink from pressing the text and image onto the page. Plain paper is usually unprocessed and not as good as the fabric. If you make a mistake using plain paper on an inkjet printer, you may get an ink sheet soaked in ink from the other side.

Inkjet photo paper and printed matter have very unique papers, not just because they are sensitive to light. The magnification of the above prints shows that the surface, weight and tone are different; The photographic paper has some crazy different finishes, from smooth, deep grinding to the soft sparkle of pearls, and the intense popularity of sheen and transcendence. News reports often provide a very different tactile experience, a range of weights and textures. Another difference between these prints? Inkjet photo paper is single-sided, and prints are double-sided, and they can present interesting multifaciality.

The paper including matte, pearl, glossy and super gloss, applicable to hundreds of paper color, texture, thickness, handle, such as a variety of fine arts of inkjet printing paper. Personally, I think the solution to the pigment paper is to find the perfect work and the choice of artists. That said, if your taste runs to super light, I think the paper is a notch above – no shiny difference, smoother, more like a mirror surface. Edge pigment prints unless you really like super light.

People sometimes make the mistake of copying the copy paper onto the printed paper. The results are often disappointing. Although the copier paper may be printed, its thinner and lighter weight makes it less suitable. When used for printing, sometimes it causes the printer to pull out a few sheets of paper at a time, resulting in printer paper jam. Consumers should use lasers, inkjet printers, or at least ordinary typing paper for general purpose printing purposes. People using printer should also understand that using laser printing paper in inkjet printer can produce poor print quality, but used in laser printers, inkjet printing paper will result in serious damage of the printer.

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