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The inkjet paper is best suited for high-quality inkjet printing

Photo Paper Glossy 240 is a high-quality waterproof inkjet Paper that is a perfect choice for Photo reproduction. This resin coated inkjet paper can be used for all popular roll paper width, instantly drying, providing excellent color field and beautiful gloss.

HP professional glossy inkjet paper is a double-sided bright white paper designed to provide quick, easy and economical short print for customized promotional materials, brochures and flyers.The use of HP professional smooth inkjet paper can save small cost. HP inkjet printer optimizes print quality and reliability. The ideal choice for promoting literature, commercial photographs and image-intensive documents and other marketing materials.Create professional quality color documents that will impress your customers. With its 180g/m2 weight, this heavy inkjet paper is sufficient for postal processing and is easy to fold.The coating produces striking images and text quality, bright colors and dark black. Double-sided printing, double-sided printing, very low opacity.

Art gloss inkjet paper has been developed to reproduce the traditional darkroom paper. We have obtained the best attributes from the traditional fiber – based darkroom paper and combine them with inkjet technology. From Lustre to the various surfaces of un-glazed Gloss, we are sure there will be a completion to satisfy your dark room’s desire. Constantly pushing the boundaries of coating technology to ensure that our thesis provides the best image quality in the market.

Double-sided glossy paper: You have a unique product in your hand. The front is a glossy inkjet paper coated with a subsurface coating. The paper is best suited for high-quality double-sided inkjet printing for all work, and the front should be smooth and the next part should be matte. The double-sided ink-jet coating is very high grade, uniform and thick, with high ink load. The result is printing with the brightest, bright colors, very high contrast, and excellent sharpness. The paper has a bright white, pleasant undertone and a more vibrant color saturation.

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