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Wholesale inkjet photo paper from China

Cheap inkjet photo paper series is second to none in quality, price, and range. Range from the report level, low cost of uncoated inkjet photo paper and cardboard and liner tracing drawings, and matt coating 90gsm presentation grade paper by 180gsm, photos and photos of satin gloss paper.

112gsm tracks paper pads in A2, A3 and A4 and is packaged in 250 loose packages. This heavy paper has greater dimensional stability than the usual 90gsm and allows “scraping” to correct. The quality is at least equal to our well-known brands such as Goldline, Gateway and Daler Rowney, and you will be kept very healthy.The full range of products include A3, A2, A1 chips, and A2 wide wide format inkjet paper rolls, 594mm / 610mm A1 rolls, 841/914 36, drawing rollers and 1067mm 42 / 1160mm 44 inkjet photo paper.

Use our superb quality cheap inkjet photo paper to print your own blank, pre printed greeting cards using inkjet or laser printers. Ideal for maximizing your personal use of creative opportunities, including diamond skin flaps, envelopes, or a large number of commercial uses. In addition to the popular use of blank cards outside birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day and Easter, our cards are ideal invitations, thanks cards, and more and more art series are welcomed by photographers and artists.We carefully select the product’s print quality, rigidity, and ability to maintain flatness, and in all cases, our inkjet and laser greeting cards can print at least the text inside.

Store inkjet paper at paper source! Choose the right inkjet photo paper and remember to return in the life of printing amazing quality pictures. You will find the correct outstanding papers, providing a variety of ready cutting paper sizes or volumes and weights to meet your project needs. Enjoy our selection for professional photographers, architects, artists, as well as scrapbook business and photography, digital media, print media.

Learn how to choose the right cheap inkjet photo paper to get clear, vibrant photos, you can’t wait to share and display. Please contact our friendly customer service team to assist you in providing information and special requirements.



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